A 90-minute online masterclass for men who have done the work on themselves and are ready to lead like their life depends on it.

This masterclass is for the man who has completed one or more of the following...
✅ You've done your NLP training
✅ You've completed a breathwork certification 
✅ You've been on the mens retreat. 
✅ You train like a warrior and have mastered your body. 
✅ You've read all the books and listened to all the podcasts. 
✅ You've hired a business coach to launch your brand.
✅ You've been coaching & building a community. 

 But something is missing. Even though you're saying the right things and doing the right things, You haven't cracked the code to leading with the full force of your heart. On some level, you are still hiding. Still playing it safe. Still looking for the magic formula...

Inside this masterclass we will cover

The 5 Principles  


1. Owning your Essence

Stop regurgitating other people's work. Sing the song of your heart & serve your medicine. 

2. Burn the Boats

No retreat No Surrender. Discover what does it actually mean to go all in. 

3. Connect to Spirit.

Activate your Faith and trust in something greater than yourself. When mind and body fail what will carry you?

4. Sacred Service

Acknowledge the duty of service that has been assigned to you. What are you willing to give. 

5. Climb the Mountain

Hold the vision, trust the process, back yourself and take the next step. 

Are you ready to:

  • Unlock Your True Potential: Gain the¬†courage to stand strong, act decisively, and live authentically.
  • Enhance your Confidence:¬†Own your essence and lead in your unique way.
  • Cultivate Resilience: Embrace a long term approach to your leadership.
  • ¬†Fearless Communication: Learn to express yourself without fear of judgement or failure.
  • Claim your Leadership:¬†Stop hiding and step fully into your power so those that are ready to learn from you can do so.¬†